The Other Side Of Ramtown

Play List for 05-31-17

Listed alphabetically

Al Stewart - Year Of The Cat

Allman Brothers Band - One Way Out

April Stevens - Teach Me Tiger

Arthur Lyman Group - Yellow Bird

Barbara Lewis - Puppy Love

Baskerville Hounds - Space Rock Pt. 2

Bearcats - Rama Lama Ding Dong

Bo Diddly - Road Runner

Cellos - The Be-Bop Mouse

Charles Brown - If You Play With Cats

Coasters - I'm A Hog For You

Crazy Elephant - Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'

Dino, Desi & Billy - Kitty Doyle

Dolphins - Hey Da-Da-Down

Edward Bear - Walking On Back

Elvis Presley - (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear

Elvis Presley - Mystery Train-Tiger Man

Fastest Group Alive - The Bears

Fay Simmons - Everybody's Doin' The Pony

Hourglass - The Power Of Love

Howard Tate - How Come My Bulldog Don't Bark

Insect Trust - Declaration of Independence

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

Jerry Reed - The Preacher and the Bear

Jody Berry - Froggy

Johnny Cole & The Reptiles - Wrap My Heart In Velvet

Mamas & The Papas - Dancing Bear

Manfred Mann - Pretty Flamingo

Marvelettes - Too Many Fish In The Sea

Monkees - Gonna Buy Me A Dog

Mustangs - First Love

Nervous Norvus - Ape Call

Norma Tamega - Walkin' My Cat Named Dog

Patti Page - The Doggie In The Window

Possums - She's Loving Me

Richard & the Young Lions - Open Up Your Door

Rocky Fellers - (Let Me Be Your)Teddy Bear

Rolf Harris - Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport

Skippy Brooks - Doin' The Horse

Stewart Brothers - The Rat

The Aardvarks - I'm Higher Than I'm Down

The BobCats - Pledge Of A Fool

The Everly Brothers - Muskrat

The Fools - Psycho Chicken (Clucked)

The Inspirations - Stool Pigeon

The Monkees - I'm A Believer

Three Dog Night - Liar

Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Tom T. Hall - The Monkey That Became President

Turtles - Happy Together

Wild Horses - Funky Poodle