The Other Side Of Ramtown

Play List for 05-20-20

Listed alphabetically

Adapters - Have Fun This Summer

Addrisi Brothers - We've Got To Get It On Again

Beverly Bremers - Don't Say You Don't Remember

Beverly Warren - Let Me Get Close To You

Brian Hyland - 3000 Miles

Brian Hyland - Hung Up In Your Eyes

Cashman, Pistilli and West - Goodbye Jo

Champagne Brothers - Let's Live

Ducks Deluxe - Please Please Please

Fascinators - Oh Rose Marie

Fascinators - Who Do You Think You Are

Forte Four - I Don't Wanna Say Goodnight

Four Kents - The Moving Finger Writes

Go Cat Go - Other Side Of Town

Hudson Brothers - So You Are A Star

Joanie Summers - Don't Pity Me

June Jackson & The Jackaels - That Look In Your Eyes

Kenny Vance - Looking For An Echo

King Krooners - Won't You Let Me Know

Len Price 3 - Mr. Grey

Locksley - She Does

Marbles - I Can't See Nobody

Marbles - Only One Woman

Mark Eric - Night Of The Lions

Mark Eric - Where Do The Girls Of The Summer Go

Michelle Phillips - Victim Of Romance

Moon Martin - Bad Case Of Lovin' You

Pacific, Gas & Electric - Are You Ready

Passions - Just To Be With You

Paul Kelly and the Messengers - Before Too Long

Red Button - Ooh Girl

Robert Palmer - Not a Second Time

Royal Jesters - Let's Kiss And Make Up

Si Cranstoun - Dynamo

Si Cranstoun - Coupe De Ville

Sly and the Family Stone - Everybody is a Star

Thomas Group - Autumn

Thomas Group - I've Got No More To Say

Vernon Taylor - Kiss Kiss You

Ween - Even If You Don't