The Other Side Of Ramtown

Play List for 05-09-18

Listed alphabetically

Allan Sherman - Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh (A Letter From Camp)

Aretha Franklin - Since You've Been Gone

B J Thomas - The Girl Can't Help It

Barry McGuire - Cloudy Summer Afternoon

Bedforde Set - Girl, Go Run Away

Belfast Gypsies - Gloria's Dream

Brian Wilson - Love And Mercy

Buckinghams - Kind Of A Drag

Bulldog - No

David Essex - Rock On

Dionne Warwick - Who Is Gonna Love Me

Dirty Angels - Tell Me

Eloise Laws - You Make Me Feel Like Someone  

Ferrante & Teicher - Midnight Cowboy

Frank Sinatra - Love And Marriage

Hurricane Smith - Oh, Babe, What Would Say

Johnny Rivers - Poor Side Of Town

Kenny Lynch - Mister Moonlight

Kenny Rogers & the First Edition - Somethings Burning

Kim Carnes - Betty Davis Eyes

Knickerbockers - Lies

Laura Nyro - Time and Love

Major Hoople's Boarding House - I'm Running After You

Merrilee Rush & The Turnabouts - That Kind Of Woman

Paul Williams - Someday Man

R.B.Greaves - Take A Letter Maria

Raiders - Indian Reservation

Ricky Byrd - Kicks

Ritchie Dean - Goodbye Girl

Robbs - Race With The Wind

Robert John - If You Don't Want My Love

Robert Kline - Fabulous Fifties

Robin Williams - I'm On Fire (Elmer Fudd)

Roman Rebellion - Every Groovy Day

Ryan Shaw - That Is Why

Simon & Garfunkel - Baby Driver

Sweet Three - That's The Way It Is (When A Girl's In Love)

The Jokers - What'cha Gonna Do

Tree Stumps - Listen To Love

Underdogs - Get Down On Your Knees

Unspoken Word - On A Beautiful Day

Vic Dana - The Love In Your Eyes

Vito Piccone - I Like To Run

Zager And Evans - Taxi Man