The Other Side Of Ramtown

Play List for 02-23-17

Listed alphabetically

Annette Funicello - The Wah-Watusi

Annette Funicello - Train Of Love

Barry & the Remains - Once Before

Bobby Darin - Brand New House

Bobby Goldsboro - She Chased Me

Bobby Vee - Well Alright

Bun E Carlos - Count On Me

Chas & Dave - Ain't No Pleasing You  

Cocktail Slippers - She's A Fool

Critters - Georgianna

Critters It Just Won't Be That Way

Dave Edmunds - Paralyzed

Dave Edmunds - Some Other Guy

Delcounts - Ain't Got the Time

Dobie Gray - No Room To Cry

Factotums - Can't Go Home Anymore My Love

Factotums - You're So Good To Me

Frankie Miller - Love Letters

Hi-Risers - Here With You

Hi-Risers - I'm In Love With My Record Collection

Hollis Brown - Run Right to You

Honeycombs - That's The Way

Impalas - Speed Up

J D Martin - By Yourself

Jackals - Linda Come Lately

Jam - Heatwave

Jan Arden - Insensitive

Jayhawks - Bad Time (To Be in Love)

Len Barry - It's That Time of The Year

Melanie - Brand New Key

Monkees - When Love Comes Knockin'(At Your Door)

Monkees - You Bring the Summer

Mynah Birds - It's My Time

Nat King Cole - Do I Like It

Nat King Cole - Let Me Tell You, Babe

Pat Benatar - Bloodshot Eyes

Pat Benatar - The Good Life

Peter Kastner - I Just Can't Get Over You

Phil Orsi & The Little Kings - Sorry (I Ran All The Way Home)

Pieces Of Eight - Come Back Girl

Price and Walsh - The House of Ilene Castle

Rag Dolls - Dusty

Raveonettes - My Boyfriends Back

Riddles - It's One Thing To Say

Rod Bristow - Bye Bye So Long

She & Him - Black Hole

She & Him - This Is Not A Test

Tradewinds - New York Is A Lonely Town

Yardbirds - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor